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Glossary of MLP Fandom Names

I have been a part of the My Little Pony fandom in one way or another since April 2011, just before The Cutie Mark Chronicles aired. In the time since, I have heard many names coined for members of the fandom. The most prominent names are brony and pegasister, the latter of which I am strongly advocating to replace with ponysister, but they are far from the only ones.

pony fan
The most general, connotation-free term for a fan of My Little Pony you can possibly get.
The original gender-neutral term for a fan outside of the primary demographic.
A gender-neutral term from the early days that avoids the connotations of bro, but is easily confused with the actual ponies.
A term that includes every female brony, regardless of pony species, age, sexual orientation, or gender presentation.
fan filly
A natural ponification of fangirl, a widely-accepted term for a female fan of anything.
fan colt
A natural ponification of fanboy, a widely-accepted term for a male fan of anything.
Currently the most prominent term for a female brony. Though widely accepted, I find this term unacceptable as I believe it implies that all female bronies must be pegasi. Though if a female brony identifies as a pegasus and decides to use it, more power to her!
A female brony who identifies as a unicorn.
lespony or lesbrony
A lesbian brony.
A tomboy brony.
A very early attempt at a feminization of brony.
As in “bronies before ho-nies,” a ponification of the expression “bros before hos.” Obviously comes with a host of problems.
A brony from 4chan's /b/ board.
A brony from 4chan's /co/ board.

Further background information on some of these terms is given in The Ponysister Manifesto. (That's the last time I'm going to link to it on this page, I swear.)